Our fee structure is simple and easy.  $20.00 per page (typical correspondence is 1 – 2 pages). Phone support - $25 per ¼ hour.

To use our services simply register and create a retainer account.  A minimum retainer of $50.00 is required. 
You may set up your retainer account using bank transfer, credit card or pay-pal services.  Using your credit
card is very efficient, you letter will have been prepared and delivered well before you ever see a bill.

Once you are registered and your retainer account is established, simply call us and tell us what you want us to write:  to whom, for what, and a “call to action”.  We will draft your letter or document and return it to you within
3 – 5 business days.  (Priority service is available for next business day delivery for $25.00 per document handling fee.)

Change your mind?

In our experience, it is not wholly unusual to have a change of mind once you see your thoughts in writing,
staring back at you.  Re-writes are offered at $10.00 per page.

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Monthly Fee     Pages Included    Monthly Point Allowance     Priority Handling   Additional Pages     Re-writes     Phone Consult     Forms and Edits  
Spreadsheets, etc.     Develop     Revise     Update

Retainer - A minimum $50.00 retainer balance is required for all services levels except Gold. Fees for services rendered beyond subscription level and for point balance will be deducted from the retainer. Unused retainer balances are fully refundable.

Monthy Fees are collected in advance; Initial clients will pay:

  • First monthly fee (if any)
  • Next monthly fee (if any)
  • Retainer.

Additional billings will be provided to restore retainer balance and/or next monthly fee. As long as the Monthly Fee and/or retainer is paid before the end of the service period, service will continue uninterrupted.

Month Point Allowances are provided to subscribers of Monthly Plans. Points may be redeemed for additional services as listed at the election of the subscriber. Additional points may be purchased. Allowance Points have no cash value. Unredeemed purchased points may be refunded if requested by the subscriber.

*Gold Level Service allows for up to three (3) registered users per account. Each registered user has access to all features. Service limitations and pricing are determined at the account level.

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